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  • CBR 125.
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  • Africa Twin
  • 600SS

Motorcycle forks

Tarozzi Forks in Chrome Inner and Outer Fork Bushing Fork Seal Clips Tarozzi Forks in Colours Fork Gaitors by Ariete Coloured Fork Gaitors Fork Oil Seals and Dust Seals by Athena, All Balls, and more Progressive Fork Springs by Hagon or Wirth
Parts for your Motorcycle Forks

For as many models as possible, Wemoto stocks everything you need to maintain your forks. From the fork tubes (stanchions) themselves, springs, bushes, seals and oil, to universal fork gaitors and protectors to keep them in good shape.

We also have fork drivers and other tools to fit new seals without damaging them.

A comprehensive fork tube range

A damaged, bent or pitted fork tube or perished or cracked fork seal can result in an MOT failure.

Paolo Tarozzi replacement fork tubes are made in Italy to the same spec as the original equipment stanchions and with a hard chrome finish. Replacing old bent forks with aftermarket Tarozzi forks is often cheaper than straightening the originals.

For some models, Tarozzi fork tubes are available with a speciality coloured coating in gold, red, or black.

Quality fork springs

Wemoto list Hagon (made in the UK), Wirth (made in Germany) and YSS (made in Thailand) progressive fork springs, which are an upgrade of conventional springs. While conventional fork springs have the same spacing all the way down, progressive fork springs are wound tighter at one end – as the suspension is compressed the springs become stronger, for improved handling when the going gets rough without disturbing handling in normal conditions.

Selected fork oil

Wemoto stock a choice of fork oils, from manufacturers Vision and Rock Oil and from 5W to 20W. A lower or higher fork oil weight than standard can be used to soften or harden your front suspension.