MV (Agusta) Rivale 800 15 Řetěz DID VX Premium X-kroužek - zlato-černý [AC3525]

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MV (Agusta) Rivale 800 15 Řetěz DID VX Premium X-kroužek - zlato-černý
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DID 525 VX X-Ring Chain Gold and Black

DID's VX Chain uses patented X-ring seals. Like O rings, X rings function to seal in lubrication and keep dirt out.

Where the cross-section of an O ring is circular, the cross-section of an X ring is X, or cross, shaped. This gives the seal additional contact points compared to the O ring, offering superior sealing and protection against dirt and grit getting stuck under the seal.
In addition, when under pressure, an O ring becomes squashed and causes friction. An X ring, when under pressure, diverts this pressure by twisting instead, so an X ring decreases friction between side plates and reduces power loss by 50% of any other type O-ring chain.

DID's X rings have 40% greater wear resistance than an O-ring chain and 36 times that of a DID standard chain. This means more resistance to stretching, bowing and warping, and smoother handling. With proper maintenance, an X-ring chain will last longer than any O-ring or unsealed chain.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
21.80 10.32mm 2.0mm 1.84kg per 100 links 41KN Gold and Black

Sealed chains require lubrication every 500km (300 miles) in order to prevent surface rust and ensure performance.

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Řetěz DID VX Premium X-kroužek - zlato-černý [AC3525]
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