Harley Davidson FLHR 1450 Road King 05 Baterie Nitro [AB0156]

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Harley Davidson FLHR 1450 Road King 05 Baterie Nitro
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Nitro HVT Harley Davidson Battery

A Battery Full of Energy, with Harley Davidson compatible terminals

A battery with more power

Few other battery manufacturers make pattern batteries for Harley Davidson, which means that riders often substitute other styles of battery which have lower power than the original and the wrong kind of terminals.

More reliability

Using AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology, Nitro's HVT batteries are more resistant to damage from shock or vibration. They are factory sealed; so no risk of spillage in applications where the battery is stored on its side, convenient too - no fiddly filling with acid or topping up. Simply give it a few hours of charge, then stick it on the bike.

The right battery terminals

Nitro Harley Davidson Battery Terminals

Nitro HVT batteries are some of the only aftermarket batteries to feature Harley-compatible terminals. No awkward, non-standard fittings required.

HVT-02 Specification
Voltage Capacity@10Hr Approximate Weight with Acid Ref CCA @ 18°c Charge Current Dimensions (mm)
12V 30Ah 9.90kg 400 3.0 169mm 131mm 174mm

Taking Care of Your Nitro Harley Davidson Battery

Nitro's sealed HVT battery doesn't require topping up with acid, but it does still require some maintenance.

Take a look at the Battery Installation Guide, and Battery Care Guide we've written to make sure you get the most out of your new battery.

If you don't already have one, get a good quality, intelligent Battery Charger to keep the battery charged if the bike is not in use for any length of time.

Harley Davidson Battery Charger Motorcycle Battery Chargers

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Baterie Nitro [AB0156]
5944.70  Information Informace o součástce
12 V, 30 Ah, délka 169 mm, šířka 131 mm, výška 174 mm