CCM 604E (Rotax Engine) 94-00 Baterie Yuasa [AA4927]

Na obrázku dole je/jsou Baterie Yuasa. Na našich stránkách najdete tisíce dalších náhradních dílů za velmi příznivé ceny.

CCM 604E  (Rotax Engine) 94-00 Baterie Yuasa

Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance Free Batteries take a different type of acid to conventional batteries and come with a compartmented acid pack in the box for easy installation. A Maintenance Free battery should never require topping up with more acid.

For more information and to maximize the life of your new battery, Wemoto provides installation and care guides for all types of batteries:

You will need to charge your new battery before use. If you do not already have access to a battery charger for its first charge, our chargers are here:

All batteries naturally discharge slowly when not in use, and a vehicle with an immobiliser can hasten this process. We recommend that if your battery is not in use, that you remove it from your vehicle and keep it on an intelligent charger to keep it happy and healthy.


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Baterie Yuasa [AA4927]
3025.80  Information Informace o součástce
Baterie Yuasa YT12A-BS (bezúdržbová) 150x87x105mm